COVID-19 : our commitments for your safety

Your comfort, your security and your tranquility are our priorities!

After months of closures and openings, we worked hard to offer a cosy home respecting a strict health protocole to assure everyone’s security, but at the same time make you fully enjoy your parisian stay.

For that, we put in place guidelines implying our Team and our Dear Guests as well.

Here are some principles:

We ask everyone’s entering the hotel to wear a mask (if you do not have any, we will supply one), to wash his hands with the sanitizing gel (available at the front desk) and to respect social distancing.

We ask everyone to wear the mask in public areas such as : the lift, corridors, staircase, lobby, breakfast room...

An ensemble of good practices, among those a systematic discreet disinfection of all common areas, several times a day, with a specific product scrupulously selected and certified, were adopted.

A flexibility in terms of booking policy, with no cancellation fees (until 2 days prior to your arrival date) neither any deposit requested, in order to make your booking stress-less .


Since August 27, 2021, the requests for QR code are made online :

For foreign nationals, except students:

For foreign students: :


We hope all those new “rules” are re-assuring you and won’t alter your experience in our home.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon!


The whole team awaits you with joy and good humor!


The DNA of Nos Maisons Parisiennes :

"to welcome you in a parisian family, without any intermediary and for a unique experience" 

is even more real, that we are the ONLY 2 hôtels in Paris able to offer such a promise :)


 To guarantee an even more serene experience, we have adapted our booking conditions for more flexibility and have implemented a strict health protocol.  

A doubt ? A question ? A desire to make a reservation :)  

Do not worry !

We are available at +33 1 45 51 63 02 or by email at or at +33 1 45 48 35 53 and by email

See you soon !  

The whole team of Nos Maisons Parisiennes